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When it comes to travel on a budget, flying cheap is a must. So, make your way to budget carries flying the skies with much more travelers than a full-frills airline. One of the most affordable carriers- Spirit Airlines, is very well-known for its extremely low air-fares starting from one single-digit price. But, there are various things about Spirit Airlines Customer Service that passengers ignore. The most important thing to know about this budget-friendly airline is that the base fare only covers a seat and one personal item; you need to pay charges for all other services. 

So, what are these services that you can buy through Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number and make your flight experience amazing? Here a preview of all services!

Tickets and Seat Preference

Travelers have two choices of ticketing options: Standard Fare (Bare Fare) and $9 Fare Club. 

Standard Fare: Spirit Airlines call itself on providing ‘unbundled’ fares means you can secure a seat at the lowest price as a base fare or also known as Bare Fare. Travelers have the choice to add options, which Spirit calls Frill Control. It only includes a seat and one personal item. So, you can customize a flight experience on your own.

$9 Fare Club: The club members have direct access to the lowest air-fare available along with discounted baggage fees. The fare club discounts are available for up to 8 persons if tickets are booked under the same reservation.

Seat Selection: If you want to fly on a seat that you like, book it in advance. Spirit Airlines allot the random seat to all passengers without seat selection at the time of check-in. You can easily select your seat before departure via the website/Mobile app or with the assistance of Spirit Airlines Customer Service.

Big Front Seat: These seats come with 6 inches extra legroom and are limited to 4-10 persons per plane. The price of a Big Front Seat depends on availability and flight length. 

Service of Baggage

Spirit Airlines allow only personal item with its Base Fare. If you want to carry a checked or carry-on baggage, you need to pay additional fees starting from a single digit price. The best thing you can do to save money is to book your luggage during the initial booking or at least using Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number or online method. The baggage charge is way more at the airport than online or phone mode.

Flight Reservation Options

Spirit Airlines provides various methods to book flight tickets. These methods include- phone-based support, airport desks, and online (including website, mobile app, and third-party websites). If compare, online method is the most affordable mode following by phone and airport desk is the least one.

Check-in and Boarding Pass

Spirit Airlines offers multiple ways for flight check-in, including Spirit Airlines Customer Service Phone Number, online mode (including website, mobile app, and third-party websites), and airport desks. Like Flight reservation options, online mode is the most affordable and easiest way to complete flight check-in.

Boarding Pass: If you select the online mode for check-in, your boarding pass will arrive in your email inbox, which you can print at home. If you use the airport desk for check-in, you will have to pay boarding pass fees. You can contact Spirit Airlines Customer Service anytime for assistance regarding check-in or boarding. Point to be noted; Spirit Airlines does not offer mobile device boarding passes.

In-flight Services 

Spirit Airlines is dedicated to providing the lowest price possible for every passenger; thus, the airline does not offer any refreshment or In-flight amenities with Bare Fare. 

Refreshment: You can buy refreshments such as soft drinks, juices, water, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, and snacks, all things under 10 dollars.

In-flight Amenities: The base fare includes only one seat and one personal baggage, which means all other services come with additional charges. You can add Spirit Airlines Customer Service anytime, before the departure of the flight.

Flight Change and Cancellation Service

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to make changes or cancel flight reservations in exchange for little fess. If you have Flex Flight, you are allowed to make one free flight modification as long as you done it more than 24 hours before flight departure.

If you cancel your flight through online methods, you will get a travel voucher (per one-way fare) if the reservation’s value is less than the cancellation cost.

Services for Infant (Lap Child) and Unaccompanied Minor

Infant or Lap Child– An adult (18 years or older) passenger is allowed to travel with a Lap Childfree of cost. However, some taxes may apply to certain nations of destinations. For more information, you can contact Spirit Airlines Customer Service.

Unaccompanied Minor- Children 5-14 years old must use the service of Unaccompanied Minor when traveling without an adult at least 15 years old. This service is not available on non-direct flights. Unaccompanied Minor includes beverages and snacks.

Pet Transport

Spirit Airlines allow only four pets per cabin total, and pet should contain in pet containers during the flights. For more information, you can contact Spirit Airlines Customer Service.

Passengers with Special needs

Passenger, who has special needs such as senior citizen and the person with a disability, can use the services offered by Spirit Airlines.

Spirit offers various services, including:

  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC)
  • Traveling with a Service Animal, Emotional Support Animal, or Psychiatric Service Animal
  • Allergies
  • Onboard Assistance
  • Accompany Someone to their Gate
  • Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • Wheelchair Assistance
  • Battery-Powered Wheelchairs and Mobility Aids
  • Assistive Devices
  • Blind or Low Vision
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